Choosing Meat Without Antibiotics Or Growth Hormones

With the problems our country faces with obesity, many are wising up and reading labels more. So while looking at fat content and calories, it should be no surprise that some are reading labels to find out if their meat has been treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.Livestock that are raised on feed daily that is riddled with antibiotics are given it so they grow faster. Since there is an industry standard when it comes to “market weight”, giving animal’s antibiotics or growth hormones makes the process faster. Most of the places that give their animals antibiotics have their animals in crowded spaces that can stress the animals out, making them susceptible to disease. Livestock from a different environment, one where they are free to wander around in a more natural environment, are not as susceptible to disease. And naturally, antibiotics wouldn’t be given to help increase growth.Consumers must be wary of products at the grocery store that are marked hormone and antibiotic free. This does not mean they were never given these products. They could have been raised on them, but then withdrawn the treatment a few months before sending them off to be processed for consumption. The fast still remains that they most likely were raised on antibiotics and growth hormone. One of the best ways to know if your meat is truly free from these types of chemicals is to buy from a reputable source, either locally or online after extensive research.Some may find it surprising that federal regulations ban the use of growth hormones for hogs, yet it is not the same for sheep or cattle. Those apposed to growth hormone treatments find this information appalling. If it is against the law to use them for one type of animal, those apposed agree it should be that way for all. is a great resource for Physical Therapy Seminars